Spring living (and a bargain to boot)

Zest and Blueberry are now in stock! Our newest designs for spring and summer living. And, at last, spring is springing in our northern part of the world which is handy given both designs have spring themes: the Blueberry with croci and the Zest with waving daffodils! 

Perfect for travelling, visiting and as a gift, the Totseat is really just about keeping one wriggly baby, in one place, for more than one minute. Designed by parents with a passion for leaving the house without much luggage, meaning it had to be washable and long lasting. Enter the Totseat. Making life on the move that little bit easier. Lifetime guarantee for all Totseats bought from this site. Happy travels. And if you're quick and use the code LOVETOTSEAT you'll get a lovely discount! 



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