We need to talk about high chairs in British restaurants

Totseat Ltd conducted research during July 2016 on over 100 child-friendly places to eat across the UK. Our mission was to test parents' concerns of whether enough high chairs will be provided when we take our tots out on the town. And the results may surprise you.

For one may think that after contacting the Top 10 places to eat of TripAdvisor's 'kid friendly' listings for 11 of the UK's biggest cities and holiday destinations, the numbers of high chairs in each would be more than enough to at least accommodate more than one family at a time. But, sadly, this is not the case.  

Our rigorously tested results inform us that 82% of British child-friendly restaurants have no more than two high chairs. That’s including the 18% who didn’t have any high chairs and the 27% who just had one. And we think this is something all parents ought to be aware of.

So if you’re a parent who’s taking on the daunting search for somewhere to eat without a Totseat in pocket, please be aware that child-friendly restaurants may not always be equipped for safely sitting many children at once, or indeed any.

Read Which Magazine's report or watch our video below for more on what Totseat discovered. 



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