Why A totseat Is Ideal For A Child Wearing A Spica Cast with Hip Dysplasia

The totseat is ideal for children who are wearing Spica Casts - not just because it’s highly portable so can just be popped into a bag and taken everywhere but because it will safely and securely anchor your little on in any adult chair, wherever you are.

Because the totseat works a bit like a giant nappy, in terms of how it works on the chair, it can be fed up through any crossbar (or broomstick) which casts often have - keeping your little one in one spot for more than one minute.

Traditional high chairs can be a nightmare for children in spica casts but the totseat means you can just envelop your child into a normal dining chair, without worrying about whether it will fit or not, and whether they will be comfortable. Because you can adjust the totseat around your child, and the chair, it couldn’t be easier.