The totseat® travel high chair is designed with safety and versatility at its core. There are no compromises with regards to quality. It's built to last and comes with a lifetime guarantee.  

Age range for the totseat

The totseat is suitable for babies who can sit unaided - usually 6 months plus. By the time they are 30 months old, it will no longer be necessary so please pass it on to someone else who will benefit. The totseat comes with a separate strap (or 'cummerbund' as we like to call it) which can be used to give additional support whenever required.  

Chair shape and size 

The totseat portable high chair adjusts to fit dining chairs of all shapes and sizes - tall, short, round, rounded, open backed, or generally just odd.  

The totseat attaches securely to the chair, enveloping your baby, a bit like an enormous, safe, nappy (or diaper). It goes up over your little one's chest - not just as far as their waist - with the straps coming up under their armpits to fasten behind the baby's head, so that they can't wriggle out. Just button it up to shorten it for smaller chairs, extend it for bigger chairs, and tighten at the back for narrower chairs. Remember to always use the extra strap if the chair back is open (to avoid your beloved slipping through the back). 

It's really simple. But if you're unsure, please follow the animation at the bottom or click here. 

Weight Limit

There is no weight limit for a child using the totseat - it is strong and double ply. What matters is that the chair on which it is being used is solid, on stable ground, and away from anything against which the child might kick. Never leave your little one unattended in a totseat, or in a highchair for that matter. 

Children in need of additional support and special needs

The totseat is ideal for children in spica casts, or for those with special needs. It is recommended by the STEPS charity for this purpose and also by leading paediatricans and physiotherapists. 

International testing standards

We never compromise on safety or testing and the totseat complies with all required international standards, as well as many extra standards which we feel are appropriate to the totseat and its use, but are not deemed necessary by law. Just to be on the safe side. 

The totseat complies with the General Product Safety Directive GPSG 2001/95/EG and with the relevant clauses of: BS EN 13210 Children's Harnesses & Reins; BS EN 14988 Children's High Chairs; BS EN 1272 Table Mounted Chairs; ASTM F2640-07 Booster Seats; EN71- 3 Toys; BS7909 - Clothing; and EN14682 - Drawstrings and cords.  

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About us

We are a small family business and everything, but everything, we do is underpinned by a complete commitment to what is now called Corporate Social Responsibility but to us is just Common Sense Really. We source and manufacture responsibly (see below); we create a nurturing working environment for all; we reuse what we can, and recycle what we can't: we ship at ground level (by rail, road and sea) and use public transport rather than having corporate cars (!). Most importantly, we love our team, dispersed around the world, and of course adore our customers and supporters, and we give back whatever we can to the community, particularly in mentoring budding entrepreneurs and in contributing to the education system.

About our factory

We have worked with our factory in China for more than ten years, and we visit annually. We have a great working relationship with our team there, and can guarantee that the working conditions are infinitely better than we have seen in many European factories on our travels. (In fact, we moved production to China after some rather less than glorious working conditions were experienced here in the UK).  We feel passionately about the need to be able to manufacture in a sustainable environment and that we must be able to stand up in front of our customers as responsible producers, knowing and nurturing the entire production chain from start to finish. Not everyone can say that!