The original, award winning, washable, squashable highchair


totseat® is the original travel high chair. Recommended for babies and toddlers aged 6-30 months, our lightweight, compact and versatile chair harness anchors your child safely and comfortably in almost any dining chair. 

Our award-winning product is designed to be adjusted quickly and easily for all shapes and sizes of chair and child. As both machine-washable and pocket-sized in a small, handy bag, the totseat® makes eating out, travelling, and entertaining guests easy for everyone. To learn more about how it has made life simpler for others and why, check out our Reviews and Why it Works

We prioritise the safety and comfort of your child by using the best quality fabric. Each and every purchase directly from us comes with its own lifetime guarantee.

Totseat reviews and media mentions: the ultimate high chair solution and number one baby buy



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Classic Denim £25.00
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Happy Fruit £30.00
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Jungle Friends £30.00
Oobicoo Ed
Oobicoo Ed £35.00
Oobicoo Shop Display Unit
Personalised Classic Denim
Replacement Buckle - Shipping within the UK included

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Amazon Transparency Programme

Amazon Transparency Programme
Totseat is enrolled in the Amazon Transparency Programme which was initiated by Amazon to help guarantee the originality and authenticity of products which are often copied. Every Totseat sold through Amazon carries a unique Transparency Code - so if you buy a Totseat from Amazon and it doesn’t have a...


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