The many different kinds of weaning

Our first weaning experience involved pulverised, unappetising-looking rice on an orange plastic spoon. And too much of it, too, apparently. It seemed such a small portion, yet, unsurprisingly, we were blocked from every direction. So I learnt my lesson on day one!

When she-for-whom-the-Totseat-was-invented moved on to cheese on toast some months later, I remember feeling that she was suddenly so grown up, that it was likely she'd have moved out before I'd finished washing up. I definitely shed a tear. 

Years later and the weaning process continued, albeit under a very different guise with each and every step towards independence. Ear piercing was the latest to require the subtle (now practised) wipe of a hidden tear. And what's worse, or perhaps better, is we did it together! Her idea, not mine, but I am honoured to have been included (and rather thrilled to boot, I must say, having never had earrings other than awful clip-ons which never look elegant). We were the talk of the 'salon', mother and daughter on an ear-piercing adventure! Followed, of course, by an obligatory, celebratory lunch.

Lunch, thankfully, without a Totseat - well, she is a teenager now! However, for those at the first stage of weaning, the Totseat is perfect. It washes, squashes and anchors your little one in safety and comfort in any dining chair. So, as everyone gets used to this wonderful new stage in life, the Totseat portable highchair is your ideal companion.

Requesting the salad dressing at lunch, my ideal companion calls me 'EB' ('earring buddy').

We have come a long way from the orange plastic spoon.