The perfect travel companion for Paris!

Ah, Paris. It was here that the rationale for more than the homemade Totseat chair harness came about (but only after the excellent discovery that, when travelling, an extremely efficient method of sterilising bottles etc, is to use a plastic shopping bag, sterilising tablets and the bath taps to make it all happen).

So - back to the Totseat - designed to combat clobber - harnessing your baby in safety, in a delightful, chic, Parisian chair. Oooh la la. The world going by. Essence of fresh, tantalising croissant wafting past, the invigorating coffee and one happy family.

Minimum luggage, maximum impact, the Totseat's very purpose is to enhance family mobility. Whether stored in your rucksack, a drawer, the car glove box, the baby bag, or down the back of the sofa, the washable squashable highchair's purpose is to be the smallest piece of truly useful kit you need for life on the move. And we're truly thrilled to see that (once again) Gift of the Year have recognised this.

The Totseat is your mobile highchair. Perfect when knees are busy, highchairs full (or filthy), and you just want to eat in peace. Or to have your piece (that's Scots for sandwich!).

The Totseat harnesses your baby in almost any dining chair, quickly and easily. It adjusts for all shapes and sizes (babies and chairs), washes a treat and has a lifetime guarantee.  Perfect from when your tot can sit unaided (6 months plus), and useful until sitting properly, on their own, in an adult chair (aged 2-ish). Or slightly longer if your baby has special needs and would just benefit from a little extra support.

NEVER EVER leave your baby unattended in their Totseat, or in their highchair. It's common sense, but worth reiterating. And no pushing against nearby furniture, or even passing grandparents, who might unsettle the chair's centre of gravity.

There are some fabulous prices this week on many designs. So that's one for the kit bag, one for Granny, and less clobber all round.  Smile, smile, smile.