Top 10 things every travelling parent needs

Food, food, glorious food. Always be prepared to feed your little one when you're on the go. A few things to think about might be:

1: Feeding cup

As your little one approaches 4-6 months, the time will come to start encouraging your baby to use a cup. There are many options, including a simple feeding cup which will encourage your child to learn a sipping technique, or a traditional cup with lid. Ensure you pick an option with which you are comfortable so both of you are less stressed!

2: Vacuum flask filled with hot water

If your baby doesn't like cold food, anything to warm it will help, including having hot water to hand in which you can dip your food pouch to take the chill off. 

3: Food pouches

Whether DIY or ready-made, pouches are light to carry and easy to use. 

4: Small masher

Great during early weaning for instant mashed soft fruit, although you may find a fork does the job just as well.

5: Disposable or standard bib

Feeding on the go is usually messy. Disposables are more expensive over time but can just be chucked in the bin at the end of a meal. If using a standard bib, bring a soft one and a wee bag to put it in afterwards.

6: Travel pack of wipes

Faces, hands, clothes, chairs, you - all can benefit from a quick wipe after eating! 

7: Small cool bag and ice-pack

Choose a baby-sized cool bag and soft flexible ice packs so you're not laden down with extra accessories.

8: Lidded bowl

Lids are great if your baby doesn't finish all of the food, and there's no easy way of disposing of it - if nothing else they help prevent spillages of left overs in your change bag!

9: Totseat portable highchair

We would say this! But be sure to take along your Totseat highchair, perfect for any location and fitting any type of chair. No more searching for a non-existent highchair and then having to disinfect it before you let your child near it!

10: Spoons or cutlery in a storage pod

Avoid smearing food mess over the insides of your bag by popping them into a storage pod (or, in my case, just an extra small plastic bag).