totseat's guide to holidaying with your baby

Taking a baby on holiday can be easier said than done. Popping out for a coffee or visiting granny can be difficult enough as it is. Now you dream of going further afield; dare we say it, via an airport or train station. 

But fear not! The mums and dads at totseat have been there, done it, and made sure to buy the souvenir, 100% cotton t-shirt.

Here are our top space and weight saving tips for navigating the globe with a tot in tow:

1. Take less than you think you need. It will still probably be more than enough.

It’s tempting to bring everything you can think of to try and avoid upset further down the line. But unless you’re going far off the beaten track, it’s likely you’ll be able to buy most of what you need on holiday cheaply, namely nappies (if you’re using disposables), and packets of hand wipes, so avoid temptation and pack sparingly.

A further space saving tip popular at totseat HQ is using a plastic bag or zip lock bag as a makeshift steriliser. Remember to take steriliser tablets and hang the bag off the taps in a bathroom or kitchen!

2. Call the airline in advance.

Many airlines are extremely helpful when it comes to little passengers. Airline customer service teams will be drilled in the facilities available for junior flyers so it pays to ask. This includes whether complimentary baby/toddler meals are available on board, whether cabin crew are able to heat up milk free of charge and what the changing facilities are like. This will dictate what goes in your carry-on luggage and could save you time, space, and worry.

You and your tot - Totseat3. Leave the toy box at home.

Forgetting to bring every favourite toy and game might seem like disaster in the making. But you need to remember that tot is on holiday, too, so there should be plenty of new experiences to act as a distraction. Bringing along one special toy is wise, but one can create activities on the move. Think paper and pens, a car or train to be whizzed around a table, or a pocket-sized bouncy ball for older children; all of this can create portable, lightweight fun without weighing you down.

4. Invest in travel friendly options.

For eating out or dining in, we’d be silly not to recommend our very own washable, squashable high chair. For getting from A to B, consider whether a sling or packable baby carrier is more practical than a buggy. Sometimes having baby extra close by is more safe, depending on where you are going. For an idea of other little bits that might come in very handy, refer to this handy source from Baby Centre.

5. Opt for a baby-friendly stay.

Holidays that specifically cater for families with young children are on the rise, taking care of bulky essentials such as the cot, sterilisers, and changing essentials. What’s more, many aspects of safety such as plug guards will be taken care of, allowing you more time to enjoy yourself and less time spent baby-proofing. Check out these lists of places from the Telegraph, Thomas Cook, and Best Child Friendly Holidays for an idea of where to start looking.

We hope these tips come in handy for the family's next holiday and what could potentially be baby's first! We'd love for Totseat to be a part of it.