Totseat and Paddington Bear: A Love Story

Paddington Bear - complete with Dunlop Wellingtons, green felt duffle coat, bashed, elephant grey hat (and safety pin), and label arrived in time for my 8th birthday. Delivered by my beloved Godmother, he was intermittently treasured, admired, or left to observe family life from atop the wardrobe for the next 40 years. But he was a constant. Dependable. I always knew where he was - even when moving, several times.

He's an original. A very early Shirley Clarkson bear (yes, Jeremy Clarkson's mum), from her toy factory. His legs are straight and stubby (no feet) and the wellies say Dunlop. The label doesn't thank the finder for looking after him.

His coat is now a little tight (well, we all get portly with age), the hat sports a small moth eaten hole and the wellingtons are perhaps a little less of the high gloss variety. But his nose is clean and his eyes are bright. And with all the excitement of the forthcoming movie, who can blame him?

Not to mention the arrival of the Paddington Bear Totseat - keenly awaited by us all.  We are thrilled to be partnering with this most esteemed bear, and friend.  Thank you Studio Canal, Copyrights and the Bond family. Our new Totseat is as enchanting as my old friend on the day he emerged into Paddington Station, straight off the boat from Darkest Peru, ready for a whole lot of new adventures with younger friends and their lunch.

Paddington Bears in Totseat HQOur proud Paddington Bears in Totseat HQ.