Your feedback makes it all worthwhile

Awakened at 4am by a battering storm I was unable to ignore, the day seemed young as I logged on to get a head start. Cup of tea in hand, I read a comment accompanying an early morning web order:

"I bought one of these about 8 years ago and it was best baby item I ever had. My kids learned to socialise while eating out and felt included as part of the table rather than being in a high chair. Every time a friend or relative gets pregnant, I buy one."

Who says getting up at 4am isn't the most enlightening experience of the day. Storm? What storm? This was a (rare) moment of pride, of heart-swelling gratitude that someone had bothered to provide such lovely feedback.

"Never give up," she continued. "You have made so many lives easier. Eating out became enjoyable with our Totseat. Lol, I just realised how corny this sounds, but it's true."

Roll on corny. Corny? I love corny. Thank you. Thank you, LC of Oban. You have totally made my week.